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Cleanse your skin and mother earth with this reusable makeup removal pad.

If you’re a girl who loves makeup and lives for the bling, then you must know the importance to remove it before bed. Removing makeup may sound like an easy job, but only we girls know the pain behind it. It takes a lot of self-convincing, efforts and determination to hold a cotton pad and wipe your makeup off while you’re already worn out from the party.

 In a nutshell, life has not been fair to us girls as the problem doesn’t end here. Your delicate shoulder also carries the burden of saving the planet from makeup removal wipes you’re using. From our skin to the world, there’s a lot on a plate that we need to look after.

Why do you need to ditch conventional makeup removal wipes?

Did you know it takes about 100 years for makeup removal wipes to break down? Crazy, right? Now imagine how many such wipes you use and throw in a month. These wipes end up in the landfills and oceans, creating an unimaginable amount of waste and is certainly not the most economical practice. And that’s not it, even your skin gets affected by the cotton makeup removal pads as it results in tugging of your skin.

 One thing is certain that one-time use cotton wipes are no less than a curse to the planet and in some cases to your skin as well.  The sanitations system is getting choked by them even as we speak. But what if there was a solution to it? What if you could enjoy cleansing your skin without worrying about generating any more trash. What if we tell you that there’s an eco-friendly alternative to all your problems?

The saviour of your skin and your planet

You might not realise this, but one small change in your daily makeup routine can make a huge difference. All you need to do is switch to One Skyn’s sustainable makeup remover pads. We assure you these wipes are a blessing for both you and nature. These are made up of ultra-soft bamboo fabric and are 100% biodegradable, unlike most of the conventional wipes.

The bamboo fabric feels like magic against the skin. It is compatible with all skin types. These wipes can be washed and used up to 200 times. Just use it on your face to wipe the makeup and wash it for the next time. This will help you produce less waste, which means there’ll be less waste on the landfills.

 All this by just switching to a sustainable option! Yes, that’s all it takes for you to contribute to keeping the planet clean and give your skin a therapeutic cleansing routine.

We, at One Skyn, believe that by being a little cautious we can keep our planet free from unnecessary waste. That’s why we designed these reusable remover wipes, which works like a charm on all skin type. All our products are sustainable, convenient, ecumenical, and very chic. So, what’s keeping you from saving the mother earth?


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