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Here’s why you should switch to reusable makeup pads today

Thank god for makeup wipes! Aren’t they a revolution for all the makeup wearers? Do you even remember how you used to remove your makeup before makeup remover pads were invented? No, right? Neither do we! This invention clearly made a lethargic possess a bit more interesting. But then again, like everything else, it also has it’s pros and cons. As convenient as single-use makeup wipes may sound, at the end of the day they are harmful to the environment. 

Now you must be thinking how a small and round cotton pad can harm the mighty environment. It’s not small when you add up the wipes you use on a monthly basis. It’s a huge pile of trash, which stick around a lot longer than you can imagine.


Hey! Don’t you worry, we won’t let you go back to the old makeup removing process, which you don’t even remember. Thankfully there is an eco-friendly alternative like One Skyn reusable makeup removing pads, which are equally convenient. Still not convinced? Keep reading to know why you should ditch the conventional makeup wipes and switch to reusable ones for good. 


·  For the love of the environment

According to experts, the best time to go green is right now. Especially now that you know that single-use cotton wipes are chocking the planet every day. Think about how many wipes you use daily, weekly and monthly. Too many, right? Now combine the wipes used by your family members, friends, neighbours and so on. These bazillions of wipes end up in the landfills. So if using reusable makeup removers can make a difference then what’s stopping you? 


· For the love of your skin

You might not know this, but reusable makeup remover pads work wonders on your skin. 

They’re washable and made with the softest bamboo fabric that makes removing makeup easier. The velvet-like fabric is perfect for all skin types and makes your skin feel special by gently exfoliating it. 


· They’re even more convenient (No kidding)

Just imagine one day you come back home from a late-night party and are dying to hit the bed. So you head on to get rid of the makeup, only to realized that you ran out of all the cotton pads and forgot to buy a new pack. But fortunately, this won’t be the case with our One Skyn reusable makeup removing pads. You can wash and use them up to 200 times and hit the bed ASAP. 


· They’re pocket-friendly

The use and throw culture may seem like reasonable and more suitable but it is indeed taxing us in many ways. Single-use products may be cheap but, not when you use that product on a daily bases, just like makeup removers. The only sensible thing to do is think about the long term and switch to eco-friendly and pocket-friendly makeup remover pads. It’s a win-win situation.

So don’t miss your chance to save the planet by making a conscious buying decision. Now just like Geet from Jab We Met would’ve said: “Are you convinced or should I talk more?”

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