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Here's why you need to remove makeup before bed and follow the CTM routine

Let's be honest, we all wish to live in a parallel universe where removing makeup before going to bed is not a thing. We know how important it is to remove makeup yet, our brain just can't quit making excuses to skip this step. Well, until there comes an advanced technology in the makeup industry that allows us to sleep with our makeup on (without damaging our skin of course), this is something we all have to religiously follow.

Just in case you still find it difficult to follow and need solid reasons, then we suggest you keep reading this article. You'll find more than enough reasons to take off your makeup and give your skin the treatment it deserves by following proper cleansing, toning, and moisturizing (CTM) routine.

What happens when you sleep with your makeup on

1. Your beloved nemesis will pay you a visit: Pimples

Yes, you read it right! Not cleaning the foundation, lipstick, kajal, and liner off your face will end up clogging your pores with dirt and dead skin cells. This will lead to chronic inflammation in the form of breakouts, according to Dr. Annie Chiu, a celebrity dermatologist.

2. Your "woke up like this' face will always be dull

Sleeping with makeup on will only make your skin complexion appear dull when you'll wake up in the morning. The amount of products and dead skin cells on the outermost layer of your face is brushed against the pillow all night long, which creates a matte layer. That's the reason behind the absence of morning glow on your skin when you wake up and look in the mirror.

3. Your skin will age way before you

Not cleansing your skin properly before going to bed can lead to the breakdown of the skin barrier, crow's feet, and prematurely age your face. It's a proven fact that if you'll skip cleansing your skin for 30 days, it will result in making your skin look 10 years older than your age. We know having wrinkles on your face is your worst nightmare.

The aforementioned results sounds scary, right? Unfortunately, It can happen to your skin, all because you were too lazy to remove your makeup. That's how much difference cleansing makes. So the bottom line is before you head to bed, make sure your pores are dirt-free, no matter how tired you are.

There's something more you can do for your skin

With the increasing dust particles and pollutants in the air nowadays just cleansing your skin is not enough. This is why you need to follow the entire CTM routine. Now all three steps, cleansing, toning, and moisturizing might sound like a big task, but that's just the small price you pay for radiant and flawless skin. If you skip even one step, you're doing it all wrong as each step has a certain job, which is briefly explained below:

Step 1Cleansing

Use any facewash which suits your skin type and wash your face with it thoroughly. This step is crucial because it removes the layer of makeup from your face and opens your pores.

Step 2Toning

Toning is the most skipped step of all. But mind you this step helps you prevent pimples. A few drops of toner will help you remove the dead skin cell and remaining dirt after cleansing. It also reduces the pore size and clears the skin from within.

Step 3Moisturising

Last and most rewarding step. After cleansing and toning the skin loses natural oils and becomes patchy and dry. That's when a suitable moisturizer comes in handy. Apply a generous amount of lotion on your open pores, massage it onto your face and hydrate your skin. Mind you, skipping this step can result in wrinkles.

Trust us when we say that following the entire CTM routine before heading to bed is an investment for your skin decades from now. Make it a part of your "me time", after all taking care of yourself is what it's all about.

Now that you know what it takes, nothing can stop you from having a happy skin!

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