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How a few late nights can cause a lifetime of dark circles? Is it too much to ask for smooth and flawless skin? If you often find yourself asking these questions, and feel that your busy lifestyle is messing up with your skin, then this is where your cry for help ends. This article will spill all the beans about achieving flawless skin that you’ve been dreaming of for as long as you can remember. 

Don’t get too excited just yet! This article is not for you if you’re looking for a quick fix and want to see and overnight improvements. After all, it’s all science, not magic. Discipline, dedication and knowledge are really the only three ingredients you need in order to have healthy skin. So let’s dive in, spill everything we know and spread the word among the girl tribe ASAP. 

1.  Listen to your mother (stay hydrated)

Every time you hear your mother say “drink water” while you whine about breakouts and acne, listen to her. This is not a secret that staying hydrated, along with following a healthy diet leads to radiant, healthy-looking skin but still, we don’t incorporate it because it’s not a quick fix. But after a couple of weeks and a gazillion trips to the washroom, you will have glowing skin and some other health benefits (bonus). 

2.  Befriend a sunscreen lotion (yes, even in winters)

Sun exposure can cause age spots, wrinkles and tanning, along with other skin problems. This is known to all. But what we don’t know is the fact that the effect of harmful sunrays remains the same during winters. So if you apply sunscreen before going out in the sun during summers, then why are you not in winters? Find a sunscreen that suits your skin type and stick to it like a best friend. Tip: use sunscreen with SPF 30 or above

3.  Remove your makeup before bed (no matter what)

Removing makeup is not exactly the thing anyone looks up to but we’ve said it before, and we’re saying it again “it can make all the difference”. Your skin needs to breathe overnight, but makeup clogs your pores which leads to breakouts and blackheads. Therefore you need to get rid of all the dirt and heavy makeup you are wearing before going to bed. All you need is a makeup remover and One Skyn’s reusable makeup wipe. This home-grown eco-friendly wipe is completely safe for your skin and works wonders while removing makeup effortlessly. It is made with the softest bamboo fabric and can be washed and reused up to 200 times.


Besides the aforementioned points, you can also add daily exercise, proper diet, piece of mind and lots of “me time” to your everyday routines to achieve your skin goals. So get ready to have radiant skin… Chop, chop! 

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